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Creative Sheetmetal

When a job requires architectural flashings and fabrications, we turn to Graeme Bridle who is a genuine master craftsman.
His company Creative Sheetmetal supplies high quality, customized rainwater heads and accessories. He has been producing rainwater goods since 1984. As a specialist he designs and develops high quality products to a customers own design, or to match a sample provided.

A lot of his work is in reproduction for heritage restoration projects where he creates copper rainwater heads and accessories to match the originals.

The examples of the work he does can been seen below, and will be admired by those who appreciate the work of a true artisan. What Graeme can create is only limited by the imagination.

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Copper rainheads can also be made to your specification in Colorsteel

Graeme can make faithful reproductions of heritage metalwork

Sheetmetal is an incredibly creative material