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Sometimes all it takes is a change in material and colour to give an older home a new life. This project in Milford involved replacing the concrete tile roofing on an existing house with Steel & Tube’s Euroline® profile in COLORSTEEL® FlaxPod® in a mansard style, with several dormer windows. Through this simple renovation, the house was transformed from a tired bungalow to a thoroughly modern home, which is also easy to maintain. Its existing shape means the home still fits aesthetically with its more traditional neighbours. The complex roof design proved a worthy challenge for young roofing professional Vaughan Cook of Cowperthwaite Roofing Ltd. “Vaughan is a young roofer but demonstrates a level of workmanship and maturity beyond his years. His skill level is such that he completed this high end and complex job to an exceptional standard,” says Vaughan’s colleague Gemma Andrew, who nominated him for this award. “This was a design that Vaughan had not seen before, but he was able to work through the design detail and come up with solutions that worked and were acceptable to our client.” Importantly, Vaughan also took responsibility for the on-site Health and Safety of this project and has a clean safety record. He is a role model for trainees, demonstrating the career path available when skills are built. “It is a measure of Vaughan’s ability, growth and maturity that he was given this project to run, after completing only one other standing seam roof,” says judge Rod Newbold. “The attention to detail and workmanship was excellent. Much hand folding was necessary and minimal stretching was observed, and difficult intersections were achieved in a tidy manner.” The result is a home that appears newly built, but still carries with it a sense of history