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EuroLine Designer Roofing

European design, a prestige profile designed for the discerning

For some the term ‘Designer Roofing’ might seem a little odd. How can a roof possibly be described as ‘Designer’? Well take one look at the graceful profile of Euroline and you’ll immediately understand the difference a roof can make to your home. Euroline is certainly sophisticated and elegant.

Steel & Tube Roofing Products describe EuroLine as: a direct descendant of eighteenth century European standing-seam roofing styles. Still much in evidence today and crowning many of Europe’s finest homes and public buildings, this roofing is favoured for its gracefulness, bold shadow lines and durability. Standing-seam roofs were originally made by hand forming sheets of non-ferrous metal over long wooden boards or sarking. Crafted by skilled artisans, standing-seam roofs have stood the test of time, and to this day provide an unmistakable signature to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture.

EuroLine brings this elegance into the modern age. Not for those who simply want “something a little different”, EuroLine is a prestige profile that is designed for the discerning, and for where the aesthetics of a building will be enhanced, not compromised, by the style of its roof.

Steel & Tube Roofing Products offers EuroLine in three graceful styles: BattenLok, SeamLok and DoubleLok. Each of these profiles can be manufactured from a range of materials (steel, aluminium, zinc and copper), all of which are available in several finishes. Specifying EuroLine by Steel & Tube Roofing Products will be an inspired decision.

Manufactured to perform under New Zealand’s unique environmental conditions, EuroLine will add distinction to buildings where style, grace and elegance are not just options, they are absolute necessities.